Friday, August 15, 2008

Update on Me and new Family Member

Well a few of you know that when I went on my trip to Cape Cod that I never made it out of NY. I arrived on Wednesday and Thursday morning I went out on the balcony for a second and as I turned around the sliding glass door shut and locked behind me. Well my so called friends (more on that in a minute) were at work already, and it started lightening and thundering. After a hour or so, and trying desperatly to open the window or door, I stupidly thought that if I go over the rail, slide with the railings down I would probably only drop a few feet or so. I slipped and fell 10 feet insteed and broke my femer. So there I was now in the dirt, in the bushes, it didnt hurt at all, but my foot was going one way and my knee the other and I freaked out and slid myself were someone could possibly see me. This little old lady found me and started screaming at me "what are you doing" over and over till I got her to get me a ambulance. Pain started horribly when then layed me out on the board, and cut my shorts and underwear off in the front yard lol, did I care at that point no way, My left leg was 3 inches shorter then my right. After a day of x-rays and cat scans they operated on me that night for 3 plus hours. So now I have a rod in my leg from my hip to my knee. I stayed in the hospital for a week and they wanted to keep me 3 more weeks for rehab. I insisted on going home though because................. my so called friend left me there for 3 days without visiting, when she did bring my cell phone after using it all those days I realized she stole over 180. dollars from me and it just sucked. I had to not say anything because I knew she was my only ride to the airport. Well when I finally got in her car to go to the airport she asked for 40. for gas money and some of my painpills. Can you believe that? I gave her 20 dollars and 2 painpills for my ride lol. Delta airlines was awesome because I had called them and told them what happened and they picked me up curbside in a wheel chair and switched my seat to a front row behind first class ( wow do you know how spoiled first class is, as I was eating my 5 peanuts, they had a 5 course meal, champagne, chocolate cake lol) . That flight is one I never want to take again, I have no cast so its just my leg in jeans , the thing swelled up 3 times bigger then my other leg.

Anyway I am home now and I went to the surgeon here who told me I am so not ready for rehab and I would of been crazy for staying 3 extra weeks , thank god I insisted I wanted to go home.

So I have weened myself off painpills except for one at night which makes me feel so much better mentally at least. Hopefully I can get some creative juices flowing while I am sitting around.

Maddy Ray

Here is my new yummy niece!!! First of all I cant believe my little brother is 30 and let alone just had a baby girl. Isnt she the best!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3D Design Blog

I am so excited for 3D Designs Blog challenges to start tomorrow! I just love Pam and her work is just awesome! You have to go check it out here. The challenges start tomorrow and it sounds like a really fun time!