Monday, March 24, 2008

Platte Canyon Park with Matt

Today Matt (18) needed pictures of scenery for his photography class. Well his teacher is sick of mountain pictures so we had to find something other then our good ol mountains. Just down the road is this park that we have never gone to and we went and it was so beautiful. Waterfalls and streams and lakes. It was so nice out today also 67 degrees so it was a perfect day to go for a walk. Of course im thinking rattlesnakes lol. But nothing jumped out and got me so its all good. Its always fun to spend time with Matt because the opportunities just arent around that much now that he's almost graduated.

I wish I would of had the sound on this video. But it sure is pretty one thing I do know is that for living in Colorado I sure have not explored much. I should be going out with the kids all over everything is so beautiful.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Today was pretty layed back and didnt do a whole lot. I guess the kids aren't to old for the Easter bunny and he didnt come and now I feel like total bad mom. But thats not the reason for Easter anyway is it. Made a ham and some potatoes and corn and took a nap and made the cards below.

Yesterday the boys went riding and it snowed a little but today was 50 degrees so thats all gone. Thats why I love Colorado! Thought I'd post some pics of Tyler (16) riding.

I made this card from a sketch found at Carols Paperplayce. I used Colorbox paper, Queen and Co flowers and Rub-ons from the Rockstar line from DMVC. I am pretty happy how it turned out considering I'm new at the challenge sketch

thing. The second card was made using the sketch from Di Hickman. I used the same paper from Colorbox.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ellen Tickets!

I am so excited I got a call about 3 weeks ago saying that I could get 4 tickets to Ellens show. I have been trying at least two years for this. So for part of Amanda's graduation present I am taking her to sunny LA ! My really awesome friend Amy and her friend Yasmine are coming also. We have rented a huge beautiful condo and I am so excited.

This will be Amanda and my first mother/daughter trip alone so that in itself will be super special. Her first plane ride, first time to see the ocean, first t.v. show taping. So it will be fantastic!

Today was pretty uneventful otherwise. I worked on my real estate stuff, still havent planned any Easter dinner stuff. Will the Easter Bunny come to our house? we will see lol. I got a super cute picture of my niece Grace isnt she adorable?

And Lj came today so Amanda was so excited. He really is a nice kid. They have their problems with the distance of being 4 hours apart but they end up back together. He goes to Mesa State for sports therapy or something like that. I hate the thought of her wanting to move that far away this year. I'm not sure what her final plans are but if involves moving away from her mommy, I wont be happy!

Ok on to the Apprentice, Trace Adtkins and Pierce are the Final 2 . The cowboy versus the Brit. I so hope Trace kicks his Brittish Ass.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trace, Bon Jovi and Richi Sambora

Okay anyone who knows me knows that I just love the Apprentice. Donalds my daddy lol. I love him for some strange reason . Any how I am really wanting Trace Aitkins to win. His voice is so sexy and he's just so calm. I guess its just a thing for cowboys . Pierce is a ass so I'm not rooting for him and I do not like Carol. Lenox Lewis is okay but not a huge fan .

Betsy (my sister) went to see Bon Jovi last night and of course she had to make me jealous and let me listen to him through her cell phone. I asked her to flash her boobs at Richie Sambora for me, not sure if she did or not. She did wear a top though that her husband wasnt wanting to let her out of the house in lol. We are "Real Housewives of OC " junkies and we want their boobs and botox. We both dream of wearing sky tops with our boobs showing off one day who doesnt ?