Monday, March 24, 2008

Platte Canyon Park with Matt

Today Matt (18) needed pictures of scenery for his photography class. Well his teacher is sick of mountain pictures so we had to find something other then our good ol mountains. Just down the road is this park that we have never gone to and we went and it was so beautiful. Waterfalls and streams and lakes. It was so nice out today also 67 degrees so it was a perfect day to go for a walk. Of course im thinking rattlesnakes lol. But nothing jumped out and got me so its all good. Its always fun to spend time with Matt because the opportunities just arent around that much now that he's almost graduated.

I wish I would of had the sound on this video. But it sure is pretty one thing I do know is that for living in Colorado I sure have not explored much. I should be going out with the kids all over everything is so beautiful.

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