Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trace, Bon Jovi and Richi Sambora

Okay anyone who knows me knows that I just love the Apprentice. Donalds my daddy lol. I love him for some strange reason . Any how I am really wanting Trace Aitkins to win. His voice is so sexy and he's just so calm. I guess its just a thing for cowboys . Pierce is a ass so I'm not rooting for him and I do not like Carol. Lenox Lewis is okay but not a huge fan .

Betsy (my sister) went to see Bon Jovi last night and of course she had to make me jealous and let me listen to him through her cell phone. I asked her to flash her boobs at Richie Sambora for me, not sure if she did or not. She did wear a top though that her husband wasnt wanting to let her out of the house in lol. We are "Real Housewives of OC " junkies and we want their boobs and botox. We both dream of wearing sky tops with our boobs showing off one day who doesnt ?

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