Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Gift Today!

My family and I have adopted a few soldiers, we actually help send letters and care packages to 18 right now. It is a rewarding experience, and we have become friends with many of them already. Its so exciting to wake up in the morning and have emails from them from Iraq and Afganistan. It makes me so sad that some of them have no contact from home, and we are the only people writing them.. Anyway today I got the mail and Judy, a soldier stationed in Iraq sent me this beautiful handmade bowl from a market in Iraq. I was so blown away. Its beautiful in person. The hand painting in the middle is breathtaking up close.


mustangkayla said...

I think its awesome what your doing Jen! The bow looks beautiful!

mustangkayla said...

I guess I need to proof read BEFORE I hit submit. I meant bowl not bow!

momof8judy said...

That is a beautiful bowl Jen!!!