Saturday, April 5, 2008

Prom 2008

I am so excited both Matt and Amanda are going to Prom. Even though its starting to feel like a mini wedding with all the money we have to shell out. Its really neat that they are going together with their dates. Matt and Ashley and Amanda and LJ. The prom is next Saturday the day we come back from California.

Well this one is short and I guess she only wants a long one . so Next
Wasnt feeling this one either.

The dress! its more of a orangishh red and I guess we need tape to hold the girls in. My dad wouldnt of let me out of the house lol.
Side View
I think the back is just gorgeous! Luckily she has been tanning like crazy I can not wait for this day both Matt and Amanda going to prom , double date, limo all the fun stuff.

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Rachel said...

Prom dress shopping...*sigh*...those were the days.