Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scrap Diner Blast Challenge #1 Our first night in Hollywood!

I just started participating on the awesome message board and cool store called ScrapDiner. They have had 8 days of challenges due tomorrow!, and I have this one done so far so I have been busy scrappin like crazy to do them. This challenge was to not use any patterned paper or any patterned anything. This is harder then I thought!
Instead of just uploading all of our trip pictures I am making it my mission to scrapbook them and then they arent just sitting their for years! So this was our first night. I had met Amy before but not Yasmine. This restraunt was right on Hollywood Blvd, and had alot of history to it. Amanda and I had their famous hamburger which was really good. Its just hard paying for a $15.00 burger if you know what I mean. I am learning that when I am on vacation eating out once or twice is fun but boy you can blow all your fun money on food. Luckily we rented this awesome condo with full kitchen and made most of our meals there which saved us tons of money.

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debby4000 said...

Love your scrapbooking.