Sunday, April 13, 2008

Prom 2008

Prom: 2008

Tux: 179.00

Dress: 150.00

Prom Tickets: 200.00

Limo : 200.00

Dinner: 100.00

Seeing the kids so happy and dressed up: PRICELESS!!!

Wow it's so hard to believe that Matt and Amanda are graduating soon! Saturday they double dated to their Senior Prom which was so special to me that they spent that time together. Matt asked Ashley out and after a nervous 5 hour wait he got a YES and then he really got nervous and LJ's parents drove 8 hours Saturday and 8 hours Sunday to get him from college and bring him back so Amanda could go to prom with him. They all looked so nice. It was weird because I told Matt that when Jeff wore a tux at his age he was marrying me! Crazy I cant imagine Matt getting married at this age.

Matt and Ashley LJ and Amanda

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